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Greetings from VPASC.

“I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.”
Mother Teresa

On behalf of President Thanh lan Quan, MD and the Board of Directors of VPASC …. thank you for your help in spreading the words to the needy.
With your help, we were able to get over 1,200 medically underserved patients to attend the VPASC Foundation Free Health Fair on Sunday, October 23, 2016 from 9 AM – 3 PM at the Boys & Girls Club of Westminster:
With your help, we were able to provide the following services to those 1,200 attendees:

Over 212 volunteers contributed to the health fair. They included physicians, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, nurses, physician assistant, pre-healthcare students, and non-professional volunteers.

Attached is a link for you to view our “Thank You” page to all the volunteers and contributors who helped with the health fair. hoi-y-si-mien-nam-california- thong-bao-cam-ta
Again, thank you for your valuable help in spreading the word to the needy.
Together, we did a great thing!

Together, we helped the medically underserved communities of Orange County.

Luan Nguyen, MD

Chairman of the Health Fair Planning Committee
VPASC Vice-President of Internal Affairs
Cell phone #: (714) 548-5337
Email address:



Mar 1st, 2016







The Vietnamese Physician Association of Southern California (VPASoCal) serves as a focal point for Vietnamese-American health care professionals, including physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and other allied health professionals, who live and practice in the South land
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VPASoCal commits to giving back to community by engaging in concrete community service and promoting greater volunteerism.
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Throughout the year, VPASoCal organizes several social events to promote its mission as well as promoting fund raising supporting various projects. Please mark your calendar for the Annual VPASC Tet Gala that will take place on Saturday Jan 30th, 2015 at Hotel Marriott Irvine; from 6pm to Midnight
Tickets will be available for sale!
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Every year, VPASoCal established the Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance to needy medical students, encourage medical students to serve the Vietnamese American community, and entice greater participation and leadership in VPASoCal
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Hội Y Sĩ Việt Nam Miền Nam Cali được thành lập nhằm mục đích:

  • Ðoàn kết với tất cả các y sĩ Việt Nam hải ngoại tại California và trên thế giới.
  • Phát triển tinh thần đồng nghiệp và sự liên dới giữa các hội viên bằng các cuộc hội thảo, hội nghị và sách báo.
  • Cổ động duy trì đạo đức y khoa của hội viên trong thực hành y nghiệp hằng ngày.
  • Phát triển thăng tiến chuyên môn nghề nghiệp giữa các thành viên để phục vụ bịnh nhân và cộng đồng.
  • Phát triển thăng tiến y khoa qua khảo cứu, sách báo và các phương tiện khác.
  • Thành lập và duy trì tiếp xúc giữa các tổ chức và cơ quan có cùng mục đích.
  • Phát triển sự bảo trợ, giúp đỡ các nạn nhân của độc tài và nghèo đói







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Orange County Medical Association
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